Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Present Simple and Present Continuous

Those are easy, right?

Although these are often the first verb forms we learn when we begin to study English, they do present a few challenges, and students of all levels make mistakes with these.

What do you remember about the present simple?

Click below for a clear list of rules and other information:

What about the present continuous? (*This is also called the "present progressive")

Click below for a clear list of rules and other information:

Here is a movie that explains both:

Don't forget about the "non-continuous" verbs! Those are important too!
(*These are also called "non-action verbs" or "stative verbs")

Click below to view a list of these verbs.

There are also some challenging verbs that can be "normal" as well as non-continuous, depending on the situation...

Look a the examples on the bottom half of these pages for more information about these....

Now, for some practice with present simple and present continuous...

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