Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gerunds and Infinitives

What are these things and what do they look like?


OK, so how do we use them?

Gerunds and infinitives both have similar functions in a sentence,...
so how do we know which one to use?
We need to look at the words that precede them (come before them) to decide if we should use a gerund or an infinitive.

Some verbs are followed by a gerund:

And some verbs are followed by an infinitive:

And Some verbs can be followed by both.

Some of these verbs, such as LIKE, START, LOVE, HATE, DISLIKE, cause no change in meaning when followed by a gerund or infinitive.
For example: I like to swim AND I like swimming mean the same thing.

But be careful! Sometimes there is a significant change in meaning!

In addition, many expressions ending with prepositions are followed by gerunds:

Many adjectives are followed by infinitives

The infinitive can also be used to express PURPOSE (why we do something

For more practice with gerunds and infinitives, visit the following links:

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Have fun practicing gerunds and infinitives!



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