Monday, August 11, 2014

Parallel Structure

Parallel structure is a challenge for both native and non-native speakers of English.

However, it is very important in high-quality academic writing.

Birds on parallel telephone wires

So, what is parallel structure?

  • Watch this SMRT English video that clearly explains and illustrates how parallel structure works.

  • And here is another explanation from the Purdue Writing Lab: CLICK HERE

  • Finally, here is a printable handout (with pictures to help illustrate the concept!) from chompchomp: CLICK HERE

Parallel structure is CHALLENGING! Everyone could benefit from some extra practice with parallel structure...

Here are some websites to help:
Practice 1 (click "start here"- and turn down the volume if you are in the library!)
Practice 2 (click "start here")
Practice 3 (This one focuses specifically on parallel gerunds- a good exercise to start with)
Practice 4 (This one you can print or do on paper- and check the answers on page 2)
Practice 5 (click "start here")
Practice 6 (20 questions)
Practice 7 (click "start here")

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